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So you spent the big bucks and got that fancy safe but if these guys can build a robot to brute-force the combination you can bet there are thieves out there who can pull it off too. So read through his build log linked above and then check out the video of the new version after the break. Turn the dial four revolutions to the first number, three revolutions to the second, two revolutions to the final number, then one revolution to zero the dial.

After that you need to press the dial inward to activate the lever assembly. Finally, rotate the dial to 85 to retract the bolt which unlocks the safe. The propaganda on this lock says it stood up to hours of manual manipulation. But [Kyle] thinks his hardware can get it open in a few hours.

I believe the mechanical tolerances is what also makes the cracking of a Master Lock quite a bit easier. It greatly lowers the possible combinations. Makes me want to play around with my Arudino and a Master Lock! It seems like it would be fairly easy to gear the stepper to crank out the combinations way faster than what we see in the video. Why is it going so slow?

Seems like an easy way to defeat or rather drastically slow down this type of brute force attack would be to include some sort of centrifugal clutch into the mechanism that prevented you from turning the knob too quickly. Anyway, regular stepper motors are slow, a gear or belt system could be used to improve speed, or if going really serious, an industrial servo motor instead of the stepper.

A servo with a proper controller could drive the safe as fast as it can be turned without destroying the mechanism. Brute forcing a combination implicitly assumes that the solution is some random point in the set of possibilities.

The way you could speed it up would be to start with combinations that are closer numbers on the dial to reduce dial spin time. Except that you must rotate it to 85 after every combination to slide the bolt free.

Out of sequence may lower the travel distance from the current state, thus improving the total time to span the space. For example, if you have to rotate deg to reset the lock, if you are currently at 90deg, it is faster to check a combination starting at deg than it is to check one at 80deg:.

Pretty sure this wont work regardless of whether the robot is capable of moving the mechanism fast enough or having enough strength to open the door mechanism.

These sorts of locks are designed to wear out under a brute force attack. The lock itself will fail permanently before they get the combo — of course they may just luck it in the first couple of thousand, but probably not. I belive commercial autodialers are available. A locksmith I talked to said they can put one on a combination and have it open in a couple of days.

Way less if you know one of the numbers.

safe auto dialer cost

Chalkbot — yeah tell me about it. As with most combinations, this one is exploting a feature where you set the first 3 disks to the first 3 numbers, then try all the 4th numbers in sequence.

Same with a master lock. Try the first 2 numbers, then on the third, start immediately after the 2nd number, pull, rotate slightly, pull, rotate, pull, etc 13 times, then move the 2nd number over one counterclockwise, and attempt all the third number clockwise again.

You can reduce the attempts greatly by not retrying the first numbers nearly as often. Use that to increment a mechanical lockout latch on a timer that slowly retracts. After too many tries it locks out for a day.The advantages of electronic technology are here at last. Simply set-up the ITLII on any standard combination lock dials right-left-right with the easy-to-follow instructions and watch as the computer and drive motor go to work for you.

Soon, the automatic dialer will have the lock open, saving time, materials and excess labor costs. The ITLII can cover the million conceivable combinations of a standard 3 number combination lock in under 30 hours. If one number is known, it can open single-function locks in less than an hour. Powerful enough to work on Mosler s. Features: Lighter programming touch on the key pad Designed to work unattended Standard V, 60 cycles available in V 1 year warranty on workmanship and materials Auto shut-off when the combination is found All components fit into a compact standard size briefcase Each wheel can be dialed to a number, to every possible dial position, through a predetermined range of numbers Programmed not to dial numbers in the forbidden zone.

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Cracking A Manipulation-proof, Million Combination Safe

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Auto Dialer Software

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safe auto dialer cost

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Autodialer lock opening

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safe auto dialer cost

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safe auto dialer cost

Leaderboard function. Every top producer I know uses it and you would be crazy not to!

We are Locksmith Tools Manufacturer. We train locksmiths.

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